About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Anthony Thanpoovong and I'm a third year Software Engineering student at Toronto Metropolitan University. My interests include software design and developement, web development, data analysis and mobile applications.

More About Me

I'm currently looking for internships in summer of 2023 for software engineer/software developer positions. I am currently a Full Stack Developer Intern at LDRS Investments Incorporated, a Software Developer over at Eastside, and part-time Coding Instructor at BGCTK.

In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym or playing sports such as basketball, volleyball and soccer. In order to have a healthy work balance, a person must have a strong physical and mental mindset. I am also a sneakerhead in my own right.

The current personal projects I'm currently working on are a Music Player App and a Music Player Discord Bot. Check out some of my porjects below!

My Top Skills

Some of my Recent Projects


Better RAMSS

A self-serivce university administration system that lets students or staff view grades, financial information, personal information and courses throughout a university degree

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Book Store

A book store catalogue where customers can purchase books regulary to have cheaper discounts

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Music Discord Bot

Music Discord Bot

A music discord bot that streams songs through Youtube using Javascript and Node.js

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